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Back of House (BOH) Wages $18-$25/hr after server tip out. This means a staff member who works an average of 40 hours per week for one full year can make $33,000 – $49,000 annually. Overtime is often available during high season increasing earning potential.


Server Wages average $30+/hr AFTER tip out to BOH and Support Staff.


Support Staff earn up to $14/hr after server tip out.


Anyone living more than 25 miles outside of the City of Livingston can receive a $5 gas stipend each day worked.


Earn Paid Time Off after a 6 months of employment.


Annual 20% knife discount at The Kitchen Store in Livingston, and $100 credit from Neptune’s towards your choice of knife.


A free shift meal is provided when you work at least 4 hours. 50% off your individual meal and one beverage when you come in while off shift.


Red Bull is subsidized by management, each can is only $1 while you work.


Servant-Leadership style management. Cross Training encouraged. Front of House (FOH) and BOH don’t have to be separate. You can do both. Servers train as bartenders and vice versa. Sushi Rollers train as Servers. If you have the skill sets for multiple positions we encourage the variety.


Flexible Schedules available. i.e. you want to work 4 ten hour shifts, and have three days off? You got it. You want to work two on, two off, sure thing. We will work with you and your lifestyle.


Sling Scheduling App delivers your schedule direct to your phone. You can easily schedule time off, change your regular availability, add specific weekly availability all on your phone.  Full Time, Part Time, Seasonal employment options will be considered. 

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